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Josefina Maro is a dance and performance artist, with a focus on a interdisciplinary research, from Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. Currently based in Leipzig, Germany.


Part of the duo Post-organic Bauplan (ARG/GER) founded in 2017. 


Member of the company M.OVER directed by Mandy Unger (Leipzig/Dresden).

Member of interdisciplinare art collective Wisp Kollektiv e.V. (Leipzig/Halle).


2012 - 2014 / Technique in Dance Methods, ''Escuela Integral de Teatro Roberto Arlt'' Ciudad de las Artes, Universidad Provincial de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina.

2005 - 2011 / Teacher of Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Argentine Folklore ''I.S.P.E.A Danza y Teatro Maria A. Pellegrini", Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.

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